Minstries / Partnerships

Serving God, Loving Neighbor, Following Christ
At Woodbine UMC we have heard Christ’s answer to the question “Who is Thy Neighbor?” We prayerfully seek ministry to, from and with our neighbors. We keep ongoing, intentional mission partnerships with:


Priemra Iglesia Metodista

Our sister church for more than 10 years. A multicultural ministry serving the Hispanic/Latino community in Nashville. Primera Iglesia shares our Sanctuary every Sunday morning at 11am. 

Open table nashville

Open Table Nashville is a non-profit, interfaith community that disrupts cycles of poverty, journeys with the marginalized and provides education about issues of homelessness.

Welcome to the table!

Glencliff UMC

Our sister United Methodist Church located in the heart of the Flat Rock community. A congregation called to server God, by serving others. 

Whitsitt Elementary (Pencil Partner)

 For years our congregation has been a PENCIL partner of  our local school Whitsitt Elementary. The PENCIL program seeks to "link community resources with Nashville public schools to help young people achieve academic success and prepare for life.